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Since its founding more than 30 years ago, the Kieler Funk-Taxi-Zentrale eG has undergone constant growth. Today, with 90 members and approximately 170 vehicles, it is the largest taxi dispatch center of Schleswig-Holstein.

We are organized as a co-operative. This legal form is very common among taxi dispatch centers and is also often used in the fishing industry or in agriculture. It represents an association of independent entrepreneurs - be it farmers, fishermen or taxi operators - who take advantage of this co-operative to market their services. The board of directors and the supervisory board are elected by the members.

This combination of democratic structures and the flexibility of independent taxi operators has been highly successful for decades, and it has helped us become what we are today: A modern service provider - for our customers as well as for our members.


Kieler Funk-Taxi-Zentrale eG | Taxi Kiel | Am Kiel-Kanal 11 | 24106 Kiel